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By Faye Couch

Dec. 5-7, 12-14
Longstreet Playhouse
Directed by Bob Jessen

 $15 (Adults 18+) | $13 Youth & Seniors
FREE Ages 3 & Under


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Friday, December 5th & Saturday, December 6th at 7:30pm 
Sunday, December 7th, Matinee at 2:30pm
Friday, December 12th & Saturday, December 13th at 7:30pm 
Final performance is a Sunday matinee at 2:30pm, December 14th. 



It’s ten days before Christmas, and 15-year-old Alex Norton is struggling. He’s always loved Christmas, but the shine has left his favorite holiday. He sees Christmas as nothing more than an over-hyped, greedy, present-grabbing time of year. Where is the peace in this season that’s supposed to be all about the Prince of Peace? Alex wants to believe in something…but what?  Reluctantly, he participates in “Project Christmas” at his church, where members of his youth group are preparing items for the homeless. First, we get a glimpse of the younger children’s adorable Christmas pageant rehearsal, including a child in half a donkey costume (missing his better half!) and a herd of adorable sheep complaining about their itchy wool costumes. Still not warming up to the season, Alex is finally convinced by Angela, a young friend who Alex finds out is homeless, to realize that if you work to make this world a brighter and better place, the peace grows. “It doesn’t help to curse the darkness, it only helps when you light a candle. That’s what God did for us that lovely, silent night.” Filled with warmth and laughter and brightened by traditional Christmas songs sung by the actors, a choir or even your audience members, everyone touched by this play will find something in which they can truly…Believe!



Bob Jessen – Director

Jerry Vornholt – Producer

Ginny Vornholt – Assistant Producer

Lauren Johnson – Music Coordinator/Props Mistress

Steve Pollard – Technical Director/Light Board Operator

Chris Grady – Costume Consultant

Gerald Willis – Technical Consultant

Gabriela Baker – Photographer

Tom Doughty – Set Builder

Kelly DiBenedetto – Lead Painter

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CAST LIST – Congratulations to our talented cast! Thanks to all who auditioned.

Grant Craig – Alex

Ava Fritz – Young Alex

Emmie Wright – Emma

Jackson Stipe – Sid

Wade Lovell – Dad

Terri Rifkind – Mom

Rob Stipe – Uncle Bill

Beth Stipe – Aunt Kate

Lori J. Scott – Aunt Brenda

Chris Grady – Grandma

Jerry L. Fishel – Granddad

Andrea Midkiff – Cousin Lily

Marc Rifkind – Tall Guy / Santa

Lauren Johnson – Reverend Smith

Gabriela Baker – Mrs. Green

Linde Phillips Pollard – Mrs. Ringle

Toni Seefeldt – Mrs. Hobble

Kylie Phillips – Alice

Chelsie Rifkind – Connie

Olivia Stipe – Bridget

Jacqueline Freed – Mary Louise Hobble

Amanda Anez – Pheobe

Spencer Scott – Liz

Caroline Wadley – Susan

Katie DiBenedetto – Angela

Makayla Noelle Record – Bonnie

Sydney Cox – Annie

Megan Lyngholm – Lead Angel

Emily Pollard – Angel #2

Brooke Underwood – Lead Shepherd

Kloie Mandeville – Sheep #1

Camdyn Atkins – Sheep #2

Bridget Cox – Reluctant Sheep

Olivia Seefeldt – Little Angel #1

Emma Roland – Little Angel #2

Brody Elliott – Little Shepherd #1

Bailey Rifkind – Little Shepherd #2