Come Play a Role by auditioning for a part in this production. We look forward to meeting you (or seeing you again)!

Upcoming Audition

All Together Now!: A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre


MTI’s All Together Now!: A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre is an opportunity for schools and theatres around the world to locally produce and perform an exclusive musical revue featuring songs from MTI’s beloved shows.

Audition information:

HCT will be holding in-person auditions for this show on Friday and Saturday, September 24th and 25th at Longstreet Playhouse.

Friday, September 24th from 4:00- 7:00pm

Saturday, September 25th from 4:00- 6:00pm

Sign up for an audition time here.

Please come prepared with 32 bars of your favorite Broadway tune.  Bring sheet music (as an accompaniast will be provided) or MP3 on your phone to plug in to speaker.  Please sign up at link above so we can make sure we are in compliance with covid restrictions.  Mask is preferred until your time to perform. 

CONTACT: For questions about this show or auditions, please email the DIRECTOR.



HCT is moving forward with plans for this November production while continuing to be mindful of the safety of our performers and audience. Should guidelines or recommendations for safe social gatherings change, we will make adjustments as needed, including the possibility of cancellation or postponement. We thank you for your understanding.