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Upcoming Audition

Kris Kringle the Musical

Longstreet Playhouse
4998 N County Rd 100 E
Danville, IN 46167


September 24 6:00 – 8:30
September 25 6:30 – 9:30
September 26 call backs (if needed)
To audition, please fill out the audition form and select an audition time slot in the links below.


Kris Kringle The Musical lights up the stage in a new Christmas musical filled with memorable characters, a fantastic score, and unforgettable songs, “Unwrap The Christmas Magic,” “My North Star,” Green Suede Shoes,” “Santa’s Rulebook,” and “Something Wonderful in You,” destined to become holiday classics.

This captivating new holiday musical reveals the untold story of young Kris Kringle. Discover what happens when an evil toy company CEO crosses paths with a starry-eyed, jobless toymaker whose family name carries a curse with the power to destroy Christmas. From the top of the world in the North Pole, Kris Kringle teams up with Santa and Mrs. Claus, the beautiful Evelyn Noel, a band of hilarious Apprentices and Elves, and magical Toys to remind us what Christmas is really all about: hope, family, and forgiveness.


Kris Kringle: Lead, Male 20-29, Tenor Baritone (A Dreamy Genius Toymaker; fired from every job and looking for his place in the world)

Santa Claus: Supporting, Male, 60-79, Baritone or bass, low B-flat up to E (Happy and Jolly, but Multi-faceted; a real person)

Mrs. Claus: Supporting, Female, 60-79, Baritone or bass, low B-flat up to E (Santa’s Wife; loving, independent, & feisty)

Evelyn Noel: Supporting, Female, 20-29, Soprano, low B-flat up to E-flat (Head of the Apprentice’s Boot Camp; prim & proper)

Roy G. Reedy: Supporting, Male, 60-69, Baritone, low B-flat up to F-sharp (Mogul of an Evil Toy Empire)

Ms. Horn: Supporting, Female, 20-39, Character belt, low F up to D-flat (Former Head of Elves’ Workshop; elegant, fashionable, & well-spoken)

Grandma Kringle: Supporting, 60-79, Mezzo, low B-flat up to E-flat (Kris’ Grandma; Loving & Supportive)

Elmer: Supporting, Male, 20-39, Bari-tenor, E up to high A (Head of Elves’ Workshop; self-centered with a big ego; smooth talker)

Garland Pie: Supporting, 14+ (Elf Apprentice)

Sky Banner: Supporting, 14+ (Elf Apprentice)

Tinselle Splade: Supporting, 14+ (Elf Apprentice)

Elf Apprentice 4: Supporting, 14+ (Elf Apprentice)

Elf Apprentice 5: Supporting, 14+ (Elf Apprentice)

Elf Child 1 / Young Kris Kringle: Supporting, 10-13 (Kris Kringle as a Child / Wanna be Elf)

Elf Child 2: Supporting, 10-13 (Wanna be Elf)

Elf Child 3: Supporting, 10-13 (Wanna be Elf)

Elf Child 4: Supporting, 10-13 (Wanna be Elf)

Elf Child 5: Supporting, 10-13 (Wanna be Elf)


Audition Preparation

Please prepare the following:

Prepare a verse and chorus of a song.
Prepare a one to two minute comedic monologue.

Please Note

HCT continues to be mindful of the safety of our performers and audience. Should guidelines or recommendations for safe social gatherings change, we will make adjustments as needed, including the possibility of cancellation or postponement. We thank you for your understanding.


Hendricks Civic Theatre is proud to present auditions for Kris Kringle the Musical

WHO: All roles are open for audition

WHEN/WHERE: Auditions will be held from 6:00PM – 8:30PM on September 24th and 6:30PM – 9:30PM on September 25th @ Longstreet Playhouse

WHAT: Prepare a verse and chorus of a song as well as a one to two minute comedic monologue

SHOW DATES: November 30-December 3 & December 7-10, 2023

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please email the DIRECTOR, Kate Schwein ( or MUSIC DIRECTOR, Scott Stockton (

Please complete the Online Audition Form and Sign Up To Audition. The information will be provided to the director.


4498 North County Road
100 East Danville, IN 46122

PHONE: 317-943-3126