NEW Opportunities to be apart of the HCT family!

Hendricks Civic Theater is seeking director and show submissions for our 45th season 2024-2025. We accept all applications from all populations and would love to see the underrepresented populations submit. This includes, but is not limited to, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, transgender, LGBTQ+, and non binary candidates.

Submissions Information

1. Title of Show and who holds the rights (you may submit multiple shows but indicate your
top choice)
2. A description of why you want to do this show and your vision for it and how it will be
presented. (maximum of 2 pages)
3. Director’s theatrical resume
4. Production staff that you will be asking or have already asked to be a part of your show. If
you do not have anyone that is okay but let us know that so we can utilize our group of
volunteers to find people to join your production team before auditions.
5. Let us know if you have any times during the season that you know you CANNOT do a
6. Please submit a full script (pdf is fine) or YouTube Link to the committee
7. Rough Ideas about use of the stage/set design


1. Diversity-is the production staff racially, ethnically, age, disability, and/or sexual orientation
2. Diversity-You will be fine with putting people of color in roles that may have typically been
considered white roles if they are the best person for the role (they were the strongest
actor). In regards to casting the show, if you can gender bend the role (it makes sense still
in the time period, etc.) then you will if that person is the best for the role.
3. Marketing-We will be providing marketing for the show via Facebook, Instagram, and our
website and email lists. We would like to hear any marketing ideas that you may have for
your show. We would like to specifically hear ideas on how to market auditions to a more
diverse audition pool. We would also like to attract a more diverse audience that you may
have ideas of how to do.
4. Community outreach-We also want you to know that we partner with local non-profits
whose mission may align with themes in your show. We do a fundraiser during the show
and HCT keeps half of what was raised and the non profit gets the other half of what was
donated. So be thinking about what themes come out in your show so we can work
together to find a local non-profit to be tied into your show.
5. Fit in Season-Does your show fit within our pattern of Comedy, Christmas show, Family
musical, Kids musical (ages 5-20), Drama, Literary show, well know shows, social injustice
topic. Is your proposed show written by an Indiana playwright?
6. Cost-We will give you a budget template based on previous shows we have done-If your
show has significant costs exceeding a typical show we need to hear your plans of how to
fundraise to raise the money for those expenditures. Are there any sound or tech
requirements that may be difficult or need talked through on how to accomplish them?
7. Experience-We would like to know the experience of the director, producer, and overall


Submissions Details

WHEN: Please submit all of the following information to our Show Selection Committee at by Jan. 31st, 2024


HCT prefers that directors who are new to our theatre first serve as an assistant director here
or be involved in the production team or on the board of the theatre. You may still submit your
application and we will look at it and see if we can give you an assistant director role with one
of our other shows. We would like your producer to have produced or directed here previously.

Please reach out to us if you are in need of staff resources/names. We look forward to
your submissions and cannot wait for you to join our HCT family or we celebrate your return of
playing with us again!!

The Show Selection Committee does the work of recommending a season to the Board of
Directors. The committee will try to have the season read to present to the board by Feb 14th. The board will vote and you will be notified by Mar 2024. Incomplete submissions may or maynot be considered. Please reach out to us with any questions.


4498 North County Road
100 East Danville, IN 46122

PHONE: 317-943-3126